Tips to keep in mind when completing your thesis


Know the research demands of your university
The demands vary according to the house of studies; Avoid embarking on a thesis with features that does not admit the university. We recommend you get the guidelines or thesis regulations and read it carefully.

Delimits your theme
Once the research is started, it will be very difficult to change the subject. It is best to delimit the topic well and not change course. Avoid being too ambitious in your project and analyse what information is necessarily relevant in it. The important thing is that you find a topic that you are passionate about and that you know a lot.

Get organized
Do not make thesis research an extended job for months or years. The most recommended is that you build a calendar of stages where you set deadlines and specific dates that you know you can meet. This way you will avoid not being clear in which part of the total work you are.

Analyse the tools you have
What facilities do you have to develop your topic? Do you have access to libraries, documents, previous research? Review the information you have and the information you need. Make a list of possible interviewees, books and source. Do not forget that everything collected can serve as a source of contacts and preparation of other works. You can also review work done during the course, talk to specialists including those who were your teachers, surf the web searching for keywords linked to your areas of interest, review recent journals and publications on the subject and use the theses available in the Library of your university.

Once you do these steps, the important thing is to start putting together your project for what we recommend:
Make an initial delimitation of the topic. Make a conceptual distinction of the problem, where you choose a thematic area and then look at it the practical problem and then the specific problem to solve. You should go from macro to micro.
Delimit the questions that will solve your thesis. This step is crucial, delineating what we want to investigate, demonstrate, apply and solve. All this will be part of the approach to the problem that is usually part of chapter 1 of the thesis so it should be one of your priorities.
Write your first chapter. From this chapter the others will start, so you should review the information included, to which you link, and have an appropriate introduction structure. Then, the rest will be easier because you will already have a base and structure for your research.

Final summary before starting the thesis
Although the process of choosing the thesis is complex, the important thing is to choose a topic that really interests us, otherwise we will not find a real incentive that will keep us motivated in such hard work. Our thesis is the starting point of the university and our starting point for professional life. Give her the dedication she deserves, use the advice that we have structured here for you, and you will see that the result will be rewarding.


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